Are Generic Drugs Safe?

Whether your treatment drugs are covered by your insurance policy or not, relying on generic medications is the optimal solution to actually save money. Generic medications may save up to 50% or even more on your prescription costs. Practically, they have the same active substances and concentrations as branded medications, with the only difference that they are manufactured by less popular brands. In other words, you skip the costs for the brand, which are practically useless to your health and budget. However, more and more people ask themselves whether or not generic drugs are actually safe. According to the Food and Drug Administration, generic medications are safe and bring in the precise same effects as branded medications.

What are brand drugs?

Brand drugs are manufactured by their original companies, which also have the patent for the respective concentrations and substances. Therefore, they come from the manufacturers that have actually invented the recipes. Most medications out there have a branded name too. Therefore, you may find them with or without a prescription. For instance, a lot of people take Advil against moderate or severe painful sensations. The respective drug was originally manufactured by Pfizer. The list of ingredients focuses around the active substance – ibuprofen. Since this substance is not patented, a lot of drug manufacturers are free to use the exact same concentration and develop their own drugs. Today, there are plenty of pain relievers using this substance as a main active ingredient.

Therefore, the generic market is very competitive, since less popular manufacturers have access to such technologies. Since you no longer have to pay for the brand name, the costs are obviously lower. Moreover, the intense competition is just as useful for potential customers, since it keeps the drug costs under a moderate limit.

What makes a drug generic

Once a new medication is created, the inventor or manufacturer holds a patent for a few years. Meanwhile, no other manufacturer has the right to legally reproduce the medication. During the first few years, the original manufacturer is the only part that can produce the drug. The good news is that patents expire after a few years. This is when the market explodes and every licensed manufacturer has the legal right to use the same concentration. This is why popular medications like Advil or Viagra have never had generic versions before. Although they are not really new on the market, generic versions have just started to show up a few years ago.

The generic form of a specific drug includes the precise same ingredients, in the same concentrations. Practically, there are no differences. The dosage, administration and frequency remain the same, as well as the beneficial properties and the potential adverse reactions. However, just because a medication is produced by a less prestigious manufacturer, it does not mean that it can be sold without any licenses and accreditations. The Food and Drug Administration double checks each new product in order to make sure that it follows the same quality standards and is safe for the patients. In other words, you can always replace your branded drugs with generic versions, without experiencing any changes at all.

Absolutely every generic drug must be investigated and accepted by the Food and Drug Administration before hitting the market. It makes no difference if the branded version has already been approved. This means that generic versions go through the same evaluations and tests, only to make sure that you get the same high quality, under safe standards.

How safe are generic drugs?

In order to be safe for the human organism, generic medications must be approved by both the World Health Organization and the Food and Drug Administration. The same rule applies to branded medications too. Although they contain the same ingredients, concentrations and doses, they must be double checked before reaching to the population. This means they also carry the same positive properties over the human body, as well as the possible side effects.

If you are still not sure whether or not generic drugs might be safe for you, keep in mind that no medium or low quality medications will ever pass the Food and Drug Administration. When it comes to your health, the quality standards are very strict and limited, so there is no room for mistakes. Plus, the two organizations perform rigorous inspections and evaluations with every new year, only to ensure that the production goes on according to the laws and regulations.

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