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I've always been anxious about ordering from the Internet, especially when it comes to drugs or stuff like that. Anyway, one of my friends ordered from this pharmacy and her doctor confirmed that the meds were genuine, so I did it too. I recommend this pharmacy for the quality, but also for the low costs. They have pretty much anything you can think of, including generic drugs!
Martin Nicholson, New Jersey

I rarely order from the Internet and I usually do it after one of my friends has done it. Otherwise, I simply don't have enough confidence in such services. Unless I see them in person to know who to come back in case of unexpected situations, I don't even think about spending cash online. Therefore, my trust is usually null. However, I don't have too many friends who require medications from the Internet, but the low costs simply drew my attention. I made my own research with external reviews, testimonials and recommendations. I obviously started with a very small order. I thought that if I get to lose money, at least I won't lose too much. Anyway, I bought a pack of Cialis pills and got the package in a few days. I double checked them with my doctor, only to make sure that they are safe. Since he confirmed that they are genuine, I kept ordering from this pharmacy. Today, it's my primary source of drugs!
Andrew, Washington D.C.

I like this website cause it's easy, intuitive and simple. I've checked other online pharmacies online and I usually get lost. Obviously, I searched for a few reviews first, only to convince myself that it is safe to order. A few days later, I got the package at my door. It was properly sealed – which was one of my main concerns. I had no idea how I'd get to watch the mailman in the eyes while handling me a pack of Viagra, especially since I know him for years :) Good thing it was tightly wrapped. The medication was generic, cheap and came very fast. All in all, I rate this pharmacy A+!
Michael, Canada

I'm not too experienced with online shopping, so I found out that I could research this pharmacy after I already ordered from it. I read a lot of nightmare stories from other pharmacies while waiting, so I automatically assumed that I'll be in the same situation. Luckily enough, the medication for my slight baldness was authentic (I checked the serial number on the manufacturer's site). The price was good, the shipping was fast, so this pharmacy has my vote! 5 STARS!
Mary White, Sacramento

I checked this pharmacy online before buying and it seems to be licensed and authentic. That's how I decided to order. But just like always, I get in touch with the customer service first. If the representatives are disrespectful and can't answer my dumb questions, the service is obviously going to be just as poor. I was really impressed so I decided to order. Since the costs were pretty low, I thought I wouldn't lose too much money anyway... the package was delivered at my door within 3 days! The pills were authentic and helpful, so this is one of those services id recommends to a friend!
Calvin, Houston

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